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Kenya safari.

Kenya Safari by Denki Travel, will quench your exploration thirst. Completely!

Your Safari begins in Nairobi. You will visit the only national park within the city in the entire world. You will have a chance to feed and interact with the giraffes by coming up close with them. You will finish by visiting the Daphne shedrick wildlife trust and meet the noble creatures; baby elephants. Nairobi safari has more to offer.

Kenya safari from Nairobi leads you to the central region. Here, you will get a lot to see. From the dense forests of the central Kenya coupled by the second largest mountain in Africa, to the alkaline lakes of the rift Valley. Whose shores are flooded by millions of birds punctuated by myriad of wildlife.

Of course your safari won’t end there. There is a lot to explore at the Masai Mara national park. The animals in there natural habitat together with the outstanding people The Masai, awaits your visitation!

When you are done with that, braze yourself for the wilderness of the eastern Kenya. The parks in this region are rapid sitting on semi-arid lands.. Best places worth visiting.

The quietness of the park is the perfect recipe for the rejuvenation of your body while revitalizing your soul after a long Safari from Nairobi. Pack your best safari gear and Welcome to Kenya!

Nairobi Excursions

Nairobi short excursions is the perfect snippet of what you will encounter at the  parks during your Kenya safari. You can visit Nairobi national park, which is located in the city, feed the giraffe at the giraffe center or feed the baby elephants using giant baby bottles! Nairobi is full of tourism many possibilities. These are some of the places you can visit during the initial stages of Kenya safari.

Kenya safari

Nairobi national park

Your safari starts here. Only 5 kilometres from Nairobi city center, have a quick snippet of what you will get in all the national parks and reserves in Kenya. Learn more on
Nairobi national parks

Daphne sheldrick

Daphne Sheldrick

As I told you earlier, Kenya is full of surprises! Visit Elephant orphanage and have a chance to feed the baby elephants. More information on
Daphne Shedrick

Nairobi Giraffe center

Giraffe center

A giraffe is the tallest animal on earth. Experience these noble creatures by visiting the giraffe center. Here, you'll come up close with them. Get more information here
Giraffe center

Major Kenya safari destinations

During your geography class, you might have come across the term equator. Well, that imaginary line that divides the earth into two, passes here. The land here is evergreen. vegetation is lush and the forests are dense. Visiting central Kenya, will also quench your trekking thirst. Africa’s second largest mountain is also found here! Mount Kenya is the mountain climbers’ haven. Your Kenya safari will manifest all these.These are some of the safari destinations during your Safari in Kenya.


Aberdares national park

Its Misty, dense and full of life. Aberdares national park is the most unique park, completely opposite of the rest. Explore Aberdares and experience the purity of nature. Visit
Aberdares national parks

mt kenya national park

Mt Kenya national park

Mount Kenya is the second largest mountain in Africa. It will not only quench your trekking thirst, but also sightseeing. Learn more about Mount Kenya
Mt Kenya national parks

white rhino in Ol pejeta

Ol pejeta Conservancy

The Home of the only two remaining northern white rhino.Visit Ol Pejeta today and discover more about. Learn more about
Ol pejeta conservancy

elephant and gazele

Masai Mara national park

This is the mother of all national park in East Africa if not Africa. It is the most densely populated park making it the most popular due to the large number of visitation. Learn more here
Masai Mara national parks

lake naivasha

L. Naivasha national park

Bordering Lake Nakuru, this is fresh water lake at rift valley full of beauty. Experience a horse safari which will help you come up close with wildlife in this sea of beauty click
Naivasha national parks

Lake nakuru

L. Nakuru national park

Lake Nakuru lies at the base of the rift valley. This salt water lake is not only important to the country, but also the home for over 75 percent of world's flamingo population!
Nairobi national parks

Amboseli national park

Amboseli national park

Bordering Africa's largest mountain, Amboseli is a symbol of beauty. There are so many wildlife in the park where elephants predominate. Learn more on Amboseli national park
Amboseli national parks

Tsavo east

Tsavo east national park

It is the largest and oldest park in the country. It is commonly known for its Dust-red elephants flocking in its land. Did you know about the largest plateau on earth? read more
Tsavo east national parks

Tsavo west

Tsavo west national park

It is the fun at the wilderness. quiet and tranquil. Don't be surprised about the male Lions without mane and masculine features. Get more information here
Tsavo west national parks

Kenya safari best time

Kenya has a favorable climate making it the best destination in Africa. Any day is the best time to visit Kenya. However, The months of June to November is the best time for a safari in Kenya. during this time, there is a variation of rainfalls in different destinations hence a favorable time for the safari.

Within these months, is the high season for tourists visiting Kenya. It is also during these months that you can witness the 7th wonder of the world; the wildebeest migration.

Based on the above reasons, the best time to do a safari in Kenya is from June to December.


It was not done till a friend recommended Denki travel. The Masai Mara safari was just awesome. David the driver was such an amazing soul!  My next destination is going to Kenya again. It has a lot see. If you want to create memories, Denki Travel will help you achieve that.

Richard Roy


Have never seen a city with a lot to see like Nairobi. Denki travel organized a perfect city excursion that saw me a lot! From feeding the giraffe to seeing little elephants feeding with elephant bottles. The safari was for half a day but I saw a lot as if I had gone far from the city. With Denki you will never go wrong.

Elena Macline


Have never had a safari so amazing like my last trip in Kenya. Denki travel arranged a good safari that will make me go back for some more. My holiday in Kenya was so lovely.  If you looking for a successful safari in Kenya, Denki travel is a sure bet.

Eric lee


Kenya Safari packages.

We have unmatched Kenya safari tour package; which will make your safari so rewarding. We combine a safari to different holiday destinations hence giving you the best out of your money.  At Denki Travel, we are dedicated to help you discover this magical country with its amazing scenic features. Our Safari packages caters for everything that you will need during your safari. This makes the Safari to be cheap and affordable.

Our Kenya safaris begins and end at Nairobi as you catch your flight back to your home country. Carrying tones of memories which you shall have to share with your Fourth generation.

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