Aberdares national park


Aberdares national park is  the most unique of all the parks in Kenya. It is characterized by thick forest, scenic waterfalls, cool mountain breezes and wild moorlands. This gives you a perfect idea of the best things you can do here. Fishing, hiking, nature trails and wildlife viewing. Aberdares is full of activities.

The cool climate at this park coupled by the pervading mists along cold lakes and streams, gives a complete contrast of the sun baked Savannah in other national parks such as Tsavo west, and Tsavo east  national parks .

A mountain hike will lead you to Aberdares forest, bamboo grooves and high alpine vegetation. You’ll be gifted by seeing the antelope, monkeys, buffalo and elephants coming out of the dense forest. Did I tell you the park is a home for over 200 elephants?

Sightseeing at the aberdares also brings forth the experience for eland, jackal, spotted hyena, bush pigs, water bucks and the occasional black leopard.

Aberdare national park is full of life. Its misty arrays seem to favor bird life. Over 400 species have been recorded here. The hawk, buzzards and African crown eagle are common here.

You will come along butterflies. Many of them! They are dominant at the Aberdares forest and the moorlands.

Aberdares National Park Animals

The Aberdare national park is full of life. A lot of animals are found at the park’s dense forest. Animals found in Aberdares include: occasional black leopard, elephants, jackal and birds such as hawk, eagle and many others.

Facts about Aberdares national park


Aberdare national park is approximately 150 km from Nairobi and 87 km from Naivasha to the East of Kenya. Is a perfect destination for a one-day safari from Nairobi.

Aberdares national park weather

Based on its geographical location, Aberdare has a cool climate. From 1.6 degree to 11 degrees. It is mostly misty and wet.

Entry fees

The entry fees depends on the nationality status. Kenyans is KES 300, residents is Kes 1030 and non residents is USD 52

Best time to visit.

The park is open year-round. However, the best time to visit is between June to December when rains are low, during the rain season the roads are impassable.

Getting there.

Book a safari with Denki travel and you arrive there by road. The distance is around 150 kilometres which translates to approximately three hours drive. By air, board a plane at Wilson airport and it shall get you at Nyeri airstrip.

Things to do at Aberdares national park


Due to its topography, aberdare national park was designed for easy walks and serious trekking. Though accompanied by the kws officer, you will have a lot to enjoy sightseeing of wildlife being one of the possibilities.

Waterfalls in Aberdares national park

The park holds the highest waterfalls in Kenya. The waters of guru plunge 300 meters high. The highest in the country.However, there are other waterfalls such as Chania and many more. Waterfall will give you unending beautiful memories. Of course down at the foot of a waterfall is crystal clear water. if you feeling hot, you can take a dip.


The twin hills at the aberdares giving good opportunity for climbing. Though quite challenging, but it is ac activity worth trying. It is achieved by an average hiker.


If you like fishing, your fishing skills comes in handy. Rivers chania and guru gives a perfect platform due to their rich in fish. The park is known for presence of brown trout.

Aberdares National Park Hotels.

The Ark county club is one of the best accomodation facility within the Aberdares. However, there are other hotels which gives you the ‘home’ feeling and campsites such as Honi campsite, Shamata campsite, Bill woodley campsite, prince Charles and many more. It is advisable  to carry your firewood to light fire for your warmth over the night because the cold at night can tore away your lungs.

Aberdars national park safari.

This park is a complete opposite of the other parks due to its climate to character. Experience a unique African environment by visiting this park. You will be surprised by the cooling mists and the interplay between the dense forests with the birds they contain.The park is close to ol pejeta conservancy and mount Kenya national park. A combination safari to the three destinations in the region will give you the best experience.

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