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Kenya safari tour.

During your  Kenya safari tour, Kenya has a bundle of places to visit and a lot to see. Be it your first day or been to Kenya severally, your Safari in Kenya is going to be so amazing with our tour packages.

Your Kenya safari tour is characterized by immense wildlife, outstanding people rich in African culture and beautiful picturesque landscapes that will take your breath away.

But, when is the best time to do your safari in Kenya or tour different destinations and get the most out of it?

Well, according to weather patterns here in the country, you can comfortably do your safari tour any day of the year. Our temperatures varies from lows of 20 degrees Celsius to highs of 29 degrees Celsius. Doable right?

However, during the months of mid June to November is the best time for your safari in Kenya. Here is the reasons behind that.

During those months, there is high concentration of animals at the parks because of enough pasture as a result of moderate rainfalls.

In the Month of July, there is wildebeest migration. plan your safari tour so that it can coincide with this spectacular scene. its big, beautiful and makes the 8 wonder of the world.

Now that you have the idea when you can plan safari in Kenya, lets see where you can start and end.

In this article, am going to give you a complete guide on the best destinations that you can tour during your safari in Kenya.  Your tour can last from one day to a whole month depending how much time you got.

Kenya safari tour packages


3 days 2 nights Safari tour

This 3 days 2 nights safari tour will enable you explore the central Kenya region. Majoring on Aberdares national park and Ol pejeta conservancy. These two destinations have unique features that you should not miss to see during your safari in Kenya. The vegetation here is dense characterized by moorland forest. during your tour, you will experience both the wildlife

You can start with the Aberdares national park where you will discover the  moorland forest. Thick, dense and rich in life. This inhabits the elephants rhinos, rare black leopard and several herbivorous.

As you proceed on with your tour, visit the olpejeta conservancy and gift yourself with the privilege of seeing two white northern rhinos in the world. It is at olpejeta also where you can see the chimpanzees in the entire country! This will give you the best memories that you will always live with.

Other places you can visit during your tour is the Ngare ndare forest, Mount kenya conservancy, Mt Kenya national park and many other places. 

when you plan for  a safari in Kenya, Central Kenya should top on your list because it gives you a complete opposite experience from other regions due to the uniqueness of the safari.


5 days 4 nights Safari tour

This safari features two major Safari destinations. Lake Nakuru and Masai Mara national reserve. For a fulfilling experience, You will start from Nairobi, head to Lake Nakuru then finish at Masai Mara as you come back to Nairobi. This is one of the best Kenya safari tour because the experience is priceless.

During your tour at Lake Nakuru, You will be able to see other great animals like Black rhinos, zebras, elephants and the endangered species of Rothschild giraffe.

The lake is littered with thousands of flamingos. In fact, 75% of world’s flamingos are found here.

At this point, you must be enjoying your safari in Kenya from the experiences of the beautiful scenery witnessed from the magical land forms.

You will proceed with your tour to Masai Mara. This is the most popular national parks in the region. it is densely populated and therein, there are many possibilities.

  you can decide to take a hot air balloon safari, visit the Masai village or have all day game drives. The later carries the day.

On your game drives during your tour, you will discover a lot of wildlife. At Masai Mara, you are guaranteed of seeing Africa’s big five like the lion, elephant, rhino, cape buffalo and the cheetah.

Coming across giraffe feeding on treetops should not surprise you either, this is their home and they’re in plenty.

You can finish you safari tour by visiting the Masai village and learn a thing or two about these people as you depart back to Nairobi.

7 day Kenya safari tour tour

7 days 6 nights Safari tour

The more time you got, the more you will be able to do during your safari tour. During this tour, you will visit 3 wildlife parks and you will enjoy every bit of it. If ever thought of sun baked Savannah doted with plains, your Safari in Kenya will bring all that to reality. Grab this safari tour package and traverse along.

The possibilities with this safari are many. Begin your tour from Nairobi and get to the Mara. 

Here the vegetation is grassland Savannah with rolling hills. the land is tranquil and calm with lush vegetation.

Tour the park through game drives and air balloon safari.  This is the time you can witness the natural wonder of the world. the wildebeest migration.

You can as well visit the Masai village and get to learn about the Maasai culture.

After the mara, visit lake Naivasha. second largest fresh water lake. Within this area you can take a walking safari against the grazing buffalos, giraffe and antelopes. visit the Hell’s gate and experience the wonderful land forms.

On your last two days of your tour, Visit lake Nakuru and feel the magnificence brought along by the beauty of this alkaline lake.

At Nakuru national park, you will see the buffalo, hippos, black rhino, Zebra and giraffes freely roaming at the park.

What a great way to experience a safari in Kenya if not trough this tour?


Tsavo east

10 days 9 nights Safari tour

This safari tour will take you to 4 wildlife parks; majoring the eastern park. The animals here have difference in posture and color from other animals in the other side of the country. Like at the Tsavo east, you will find Male lion without mane and the masculine feature. The elephants here are dust-red.

This safari tour is one of the best that we can propose. You will have an opportunity to visit the largest parks and discover the beauty thee in.

Leave Nairobi on your first day and start your tour at the Tsavo east national park.

Tsavo eastThis is the largest and oldest national park in Kenya. This semi-arid area is full of beauty by the lush oasis at its horizons. Discover the Red-dust elephants and other great animals.

Because of so many activities, you can spend up to three days touring the place. 

Proceed on to the Tsavo west national park and discover its rich in life. beautiful streams full of birds, hippos, crocodiles and the elephants.

Here, there are so many activities to do. you can get out of your safari vehicle and feel the earth beneath your legs as you look at the sunbathing crocodiles at a distance.

Within the eastern region, there are tremendous of activities to do so many! this is the place that holds a lot of elephants in Kenya.

As you proceed with your tour, visit the Amboseli national park

Discover elephants once again as they carry their tusks in pride across the park; splashing each other with dust. 

Look at the beautiful sunset toward Mt Kilimanjaro. The mountain, the culture of the surrounding community will create beautiful memories about your safari in Kenya.

Finalize your safari by visiting the Nanyuki region where you can visit the Mau Mau caves, Mt Kenya conservancy and or, trek to mount Kenya.

If you have limited time but can spare like a day or two, Your safari in Kenya will still be  a success. Within Nairobi, we got a lot of places you can tour within a day. Maybe you can go through them and choose what you prefer. Alternatively, you can choose the best safari destination and let us plan a trip for you.

Nairobi national park which is within the city center is the perfect place to have a quick snippet of what you expect during your safari tour in Kenyan national parks and reserves. Having based within the city, it is easily accessible within the shortest time possible.

What is included in your tour package.

With our packages, the price includes:

  • Park entry fees.
  • Complimentary airport transfers.
  • Full board accommodation during your tour
  • Service for your tour guide/driver
  • All government taxes

Not included

  • Things of personal use
  • Tips and gratuities
  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Any other activity not described in your safari.


In conclusion, during your safari in Kenya, you have so many options from which you can choose your tour trip. We shall be pleased to make you trip in Kenya a success and help you create beautiful memories. The beauty of Kenyan wildlife parks awaits your visitation.

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