Lake naivasha national park

Lake Naivasha lies at the base of the rift valley.  A fresh water lake than its sister, Lake Nakuru which has alkaline waters. This is the home for sheer adventure.

The lake is made up of deep blue waters, rich acacia forest, extinct volcanoes, waterfalls, bottomless gorges and wildlife parks. The surrounding does not only give mind therapy, but also helps one rejuvenate your body and revitalize your soul. The monotony from daily life will have been destroyed in totality by the visit of  this amazing water body. Lake Naivasha 

Along the shores of the lake is the papyrus swamps, acacia woodlands and the natural remnants of volcanic eruption. Bird life is eminent. Thousands of them! The hunters and grazers are equally in plenty.

Visiting lake Naivasha should be your number one to do things in your bucket list. It is a land full amazement coupled with amusement.

 You will find the tourists here all year round due to its richness befitting from the wonders of nature. You can take a boat safari to experience the bird life along the shores. The friendly nature of these birds here baffles me. 

  The hiking experience is beyond measure. You can as well take a cycling safari against grazing animals such as buffaloes, zebra, giraffe and the antelopes. Here, the possibility list is endless.

Lake Naivasha is a surprise gift, Color and nature’s bounty. Here, there is everything for everyone.

Facts about lake Naivasha

As you plan for your trip, be informed about the following.


Naivasha is located 87 kilometres from Nairobi along Nairobi-Nakuru highway at the rift valley. Its distance is good enough for a day safari or a combination to Lake Nakuru national park

 Entry fee

The entry fee depends on nationality. Kenyans pay 300 shillings, residents 500 and non residents 26 USD.

Best time to visit.

Lake Naivasha is open all year round. you can visit any time from 0600 hrs to 1900 hrs.However, the best time to visit is during July-November when rains are low.

Getting there from Nairobi.

From Nairobi, Book a transfer or Safari with Denki Travel and have a fantasic drive coupled with amazing experiences at the Naivasha.

Lake Naivasha hotels.

There is  a good number of hotels at Lake Naivasha. They range from luxury, ordinary to tented camps. 

Things To Do In Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha region has got lots of places to due to its tourist attractive nature. Here are some of them.

Hell’s gate national park.

Hell’s gate national park has a lot to offer to the tourist. It has numerous cliffs, gorges, canyons and steam vents. There are so many safari opportunities at the hell’s gate. You can opt for hiking or cycling along the park where you’ll feed your eyes with plenty of wildlife in the park.

Large predators such as lion, hyena and cheetah are rare at the park so it is relatively safe for cycling. Even a walking safari is equally adventurous.

Great columns of steam billow up from the springs and geysers are also available here. You can take a dip in Africa’s largest mineral pool. Why come all along and fail to dive in such a pool? Dive in!

If climbing is your thing, exercise your prowess and enjoy the volcanic cones and fisher’s central tower.

Lake Naivasha national park.

Lake naivasha national park is a gem. A visit to this park, will help you discover two tiny lakes around the crater. Lake sonachi and lake Oloidein. Lake naivasha national park should be you priority on your things to do within Lake Naivasha.

Crater lake game sanctuary.

Crater lake is a small but a stunningly jade-colored volcanic lake. From this center, the sanctuary extends with many hiking trails including one along the crater. Very impressive! There are over 20 easily accessible vistas along this crater.

From this vantage point, you can’t escape a sight of over 150 species of birds and large grazers like zebra, giraffe and Aardvark are in plenty.

Adding to the magical feeling, the park is adorned with acacia trees which complements its beauty leaving it with a magical feeling.

The lake conjures up an almost mystical respect among the Masai people who believe that its water helps in healing their animals.

Horse riding safari.

Nothing as intriguing as a horse-riding safari. Here you are at liberty to experience the most out of this vast land.

 This will give you the opportunity to come to up close with the wildlife along the park. The land here is heavy. Rich in acacia and scrubs. You’ll traverse this forest coming along with the giraffes, zebra, wildebeest, impala, zebra, gazelle, dik-dik and buffalo.

Whether you are new or advanced in horse riding, your riding safari will be tailored to give the best experience coupled with unforgettable memories.

 Crescent island game sanctuary.

This is a gem of park of its own. This is the only park where you can take a walking safari and enjoy every bit of because of its safety. No big predators that can scare you away.

Walking along the park, you’ll be pleased watching birds along the shores. You’ll find pelicans, cormorants and other bird species.

Among the animals you will find gazelles, zebra, giraffe and buffalos in plenty. In fact, it’s the lake Naivasha national park that is densely populated in Kenya.

Mount longonot

Mount Longonot comes from the Masai word, ol nongot    which means a mountain of many summits. You can hike to the crater rim on a 3.1 km trail that start right from the park. Should you desire to hike around the crater, there is a 7.1 km loop, which is quite challenging.

At the crater’s rim, you will be rewarded with a rare view of the 3km wide crater and a forest covering the crater floor. There are still some geothermal activities which happens here that formed many years ago. There are also small vents of steam that are around the wall.

This crater and forest harbors wildlife such as zebra, wildebeest, giraffe and buffalo. Looking beyond the crater the magnificence of the rift valley and Lake Naivasha is manifested.

Lake Naivasha Safari

It is big. It is stunningly beautiful. Experience this magical lake at the base of rift valley through our guided safaris tour

Lake Naivasha is close to lake Nakuru and Masai Mara national park. A combined safari to these three wonderful destinations will do much good to you.  Join us today for a safari to this iconic lake.


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