masai mara national park

Masai Mara is the most popular tourist destination in the sub-Sahara region.  This is the park you are guaranteed of seeing the big five at close range in their natural habitat. So many of them!

The vegetation here is Savannah grassland with rolling hills. The beauty of the rolling hills, coupled by the lush grass in the bush shrubs brings a picturesque view. A place to be on top of your priority list.

In the Mara park, there is a lot of concentration of animals per square kilometre. The animals include the big five, small five, ugly five, shy five… all of them.

Masai Mara migration.

wildebeest migration

Masai Mara national reserve is full of wonders coupled with surprises. Wildebeest migration is the seventh natural wonder of Africa. The wildebeest migration is spectacular.

During the month of June to November, over two million wildebeests migrate from the Serengeti national park of Tanzania to Maasai Mara to look for lush pasture through the Mara river. During this period, there is a lot of rainfall in Kenya hence a lot of pasture. As the saying goes, where there is rainfall the wildebeest are right behind. So is the Masai Mara migration. Experience this lifetime migration in this vast land of the Mara.

The animals.

Being among the largest wildlife parks in the country, Masai Mara has to highest concentration of animals per square kilometre.

Here you will find the big five animals such as lion, elephant, buffalo, cheetah and rhino. The small five are also found here. Animals like Elephant shrew, Leopard tortoise, Buffalo weaver, Rhino beetle are in plenty! You will see them by your naked eyes.

Don’t be surprised to see the shy five of the Mara. The Porcupine, Meerkat, Aardvark, Aardwolf, Bat eared fox are also found here. These takes an experienced guide for you to spot them. Our drivers are all experienced hence you will see all the animals.

Animals like Aardvark, Capetown leopard, Pangolin, White lion, Riverine rabbit are the impossible five. These ones you have to be with an eagle eye to spot them. They come out of their hiding place and leave with a supersonic speed.

The Warthog, Hyena, Vulture, Wildebeest, Marabou stork. Makes the list of ugly five.

  Other herbivorous like the giraffes, gazelles, antelope, are seen roaming freely as they feed themselves as their young ones bounce happily on the ground. The tranquility of the Mara is therapeutically


Park entry fee


Adults   – 1000 shillings

students    -300 shillings

children     -300 shillings

East Africans

Adults   – 1000 shillings

students    -300 shillings

children     -300 shillings


Adults   -80 USD

Students  – 40 USD



The park is located to the south west of the rift valley at the border of Kenya and Tanzania. It is roughly 300 kilometres from Nairobi and around 265 kilometres from Naivasha

Best time to visit

Masai Mara is open year-round hence you can visit any time of the year. However, the best time to visit Masai Mara is from June to November. This is the time there is a lot of animal concentration and the wildebeest migration happens within this period.

Getting there.

You can get to Masai Mara national park either by air or by road. By air, you get a flight from Wilson airport and it will get you any airstrip within the Mara. There are so many airstrips at the Masai Mara lodges hence you have to sure where you are going.

You can as well book a Guided safari with Denki travel and we can organize for you the best package.

Best Things To Do

Wildebeest migration.

 Wildebeest migration is the most famous activity. Over two million animals migrate from Tanzania to Kenya through the Mara river. The Masai Mara migration experience is so spectacular that you won’t like to miss. 

Hot air balloon Safari

Experience the Masai Mara aerial view with the hot air balloon. Here, you will be on a balloon safari where you will be treated for a clear view of the Masai Mara animals from the right angle.

  The sight of animals grazing around the park as others play is the best thing a hot air balloon safari can offer.

Visit to Masai village.

The Masai people are the most adored due to their authentic African culture. Visiting their villages will shed light on their culture, how they value cows and their initiation ceremonies. Masai are the true Africans which have held their culture unadulterated.

Masai Mara safari

The Masai Mara safari begins from Nairobi passing through the rift valley view point where you will be treated with beautiful scenery for photography as you proceed.

Both Lake Nakuru national park and Lake Naivasha are on the rift valley. A combined safari to both destinations is ideally the best arrangement

Explore different safari packages to Masai Mara safari from Nairobi and discover the diverse wildlife in the region.