Mount Kenya national park

Mt Kenya is the second largest mountain in Africa after Mount Kilimanjaro. The Mount Kenya national park is the park, different from all other national parks.

Mount Kenya gives an excellent mountain climbing experience. The camping is equally wonderful. you can begin your trekking from the tropical forest spotting a wide range of wildlife. Did I tell you that Mount Kenya national park borders the equator?

Upon climbing Mount Kenya, you can ascend to bamboo forest spotting monkeys. The climbing experience here is exciting as you will be entertained by the antics of these creatures. Along the way you can find antelope and giant forest hogs.

As you advance up the Mount Kenya, you will move into a glacier country; a barren-moonscape rock, ice and snow. Finally, you will reach at the pinnacle the extinct volcano overseeing sweeping the Kenyan highlands. The area is a major water catchment serving many Kenyan rivers.

3 Peaks of Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya, a favorite of climbers, has 7 routes to the summit of its 3 peaks. However, there are three peaks at the mount Kenya. The batian-5199/17057ft, The highest,  Nelion-5188/17021ft and point Lenana-4985/16354ft; only this can be ascended by regular visitors. The other two, remain for the advanced mountain climbers.

Climbing such an elevation is challenging hence it is recommended that you take at least 3 night to acclimatize to prevent altitude disease.



Mount Kenya national park is located 175 km north of Nairobi and its northern section borders the equator.


The climate changes due to its elevation as you ascend to the mountain. Expect the lows of 4 degrees and the highs of 39 degrees. The mountain tends to wet.

Best time to climb mount Kenya

The best climbing is during the two-dry season. January to February and august to September. During the rainy season climbing is difficult and poor visibility.

Getting there.

You can book a guided safari tour with Denki travel and we shall get your there by road. The mountain is reached through the Nanyuki-Isiolo road.

The best climbing route is through Naro moru.

Things To Do At Mt Kenya National Park

Climbing and trekking.

Challenge yourself in this difficult yet exciting climbing activity while enjoying some of the most beautiful scenery as you hike past mt Kenya’s stunning lakes, tarns glaciers and peaks. The mount Kenya glacier is one beautiful thing you should purpose to see.

Camping and caving.

There are camps and caves just beneath the peak where climbers can rent and rest for a night. Nearby is the adventurous spot for exploring.

Mt Kenya Safari

It is dense. it is evergreen… Climbing the second largest mountain in Africa is one fulfilling thing that you won’t like to miss. A safari to Mount Kenya can accommodate the visit to Ol Pejeta conservancy and Aberdares national park. This will gift your eyes and soul abundantly.