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Nairobi Arusha Moshi shuttle bus.

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Catch your Nairobi Arusha Moshi shuttle bus today. Depending on your preference,We have shared shuttle bus for Nairobi Arusha, Moshi,  private shuttle bus and pvivate airport transfers for Arusha, Moshi in Tanzania.

 The shared shuttle bus is a 33 pax vehicle making your transfer to Tanzania very cheap.  Our main clients are those arriving and or departing from either Nairobi airport or Kilimanjaro airport. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable means of transport from Nairobi to Arusha and  Moshi in Tanzania, you landed on the right place.

Shuttle bus transfer to Arusha Moshi.

The luxury shuttle bus for Arusha and Moshi leaves Nairobi twice a day.  we can pick you from our designated pick up points.

The first bus leaves for Arusha Moshi at 8 Am and the second bus leaves at 1400 Hrs at the afternoon. Upon arrival at the airport, our office rep will be waiting for you. He will meet you and direct you to the waiting launch as you wait for your shuttle bus. This cuts the cost for airport taxi to the Nairobi town terminus. But still if you need the transfer to Nairobi, we can provide.

Daily Arusha Moshi shuttle bus schedule

from Nairobi

Nairobi -Moshi: 8AM

Nairobi – Arusha: 8 AM

Nairobi – Arusha : 2 PM.

from Arusha.

Moshi – Nairobi : 8 AM

Arusha – Nairobi : 8 AM

Arusha – Nairobi : 2 AM

Shuttle bus pick up points

Nairobi city center

At the city center, our terminal  is Parkside hotel.

If you are taking the morning bus, we recommend that you get there by 7:30 AM in the morning to avoid inconveniences since the bus leaves at exactly 8:00 Am.

For the afternoon transfer check in is  at 12:30 pm because the bus leaves for Arusha at 1:00 pm


At the airport, our pick up point is at the arrival terminus.

If you will be arriving on the same day, we request for your flight details so that our representative can meet you and direct you to the waiting lounge; which is normally Paul cafe.

The morning ,bus leaves at exactly 8:30 Am.

and the afternoon bus leave for Arusha at 2:00 pm

Bella luna bus park, arusha

This is our Bus terminus for transfers from Arusha to Nairobi.

You are expected to check in by 07:30 AM because the bus leaves exactly at 08:00 AM.

Your transfer from Arusha to Nairobi airport will take roughly 7 -8 hours depending on traffic hence expected to arrive around 2 -3 pm.


YWCA, is our pick up point for transfers from Moshi to Nairobi.

You are expected to check in by 05:30 AM because the bus leaves exactly at 06:30 AM.

The bus leaves early enough to join the Arusha bus arriving at around 2 -3 pm.

private shuttle bus to Arusha moshi.

shuttle bus
Private shuttle bus for 9-25 pax
Private transfers
Private luxury transfer for Arusha. 3-6 Pax

We also offer luxury private shuttle bus from JKIA or Nairobi to Arusha and Moshi. This is the perfect vehicle for a group traveling to Kilimanjaro looking for privacy and luxury in one package. 

Our prices are very competitive and our buses are luxurious enough to make your trip to Arusha, Moshi amazing. We charge per vehicle and not per head. This makes it much cheaper.

The Private shuttle bus can comfortably accommodate 9-25 people and their luggage.  

Upon reservation, you will advice us the pick up point and our driver will be there on time. If the pick up is at the NBO airport, your driver will be holding  placard pager board written your Name. you will identify him and direct you to the bus. (share your flight details  in advance.)

We also offer private transfers to from to Arusha using luxurious cars. The private cars are well maintained, air conditioned and well spaced to ensure comfort during your private transfer.

Depending the time you will leave Nairobi, you will arrive in Moshi 7-8 hours depending with the traffic. 

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