Nairobi expressway

The Nairobi expressway is a 27km road starting from the Mlolongo area and passing through JKIA to Westlands in Nairobi. The road was constructed under the public-private initiative in collaboration with the china roads and bridge corporation and the government of Kenya.

The expressway was meant to ease the traffic Jam that was evident on Mombasa road throughout the day. Ever since it started operating, traffic on Mombasa road has reduced drastically. The road has eased airport transfers from Nairobi airport to the CBD since you can only spend 15 minutes to reach the CBD.

Nairobi express way rates

Nairobi expressway is a toll road. This is the first toll in Kenya charging depending on where you entered from and where you are exiting. The table below illustrates the Nairobi expressway rates.


MlolongoSyokimauSRGJKIEastern By-passSouthern By-passCapital CenterHaile SelassieMuseum HillThe MallWestlands
Eastern By-pass180120120120180240300
Southern By-pass240180180120120180240
Capital Center300180180180120120180
Haile Selassie300240240180120120120180
Museum Hill360240240240180120120
The Mall360360300240180180120120

Nairobi Expressway is not meant for all vehicles. The following is the expressway vehicle classification:

  1. Light vehicles with two axles
  2. Light vehicles with two axles and high bonnet
  3. Heavy vehicles with less than four axles
  4. Heavy vehicles with more than four axles.

Two-wheeled and three-wheeled vehicles are not allowed to use the Nairobi expressway. Due to past accidents caused by public service vehicles(Matatus), they are no longer allowed to use the Expressway.

Expressway Westlands Exit

The Expressway has not only improved the traffic jam but has also boosted the aesthetic value of Nairobi city.

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