Nairobi national park

Nairobi national park is the closest park to a capital city worldwide. Only 5 kilometers away and you are there. It has abundance of wildlife some of which are seen from city’s sky scrapers and planes landing at the Wilson airport.

The park is known for its rhino sanctuary hence, you are guaranteed of seeing a rhino at its natural habitat. Grazing and roaming freely within the park.

There is a dry highland to the west and to the south, there is a riverine with a permanent river. The stretches of bushes, long grass and scrubs on rocky valleys and gorges forms the habitat to the east.

There are also man-made lakes which attract different types of animals and birds. During the dry season, most of the herbivorous in the park gather here for watering.

Over 450 bird species have been recorded here. Some seasonal birds, the northern migrants pass here by March to May and we have others which live here permanently.

To the far south is the kitengela plains which has a high concentration of herbivorous such as zebra, gazelle, giraffe, buffalo, impala and antelopes. These attracts predators such as the lion cheetah and hyenas to this area. Therefore, to the south of the Nairobi national park is where you will find high concentration of animals.


Nairobi Animal Orphanage

Nairobi animal orphanage is the refuge for the wild. This is the home/rehabilitation center for the needy animals.

Being based in Nairobi, it also acts as the educational center for students in different schools. It gives the public a good chance to see the animals which they may otherwise never see in their entire life.

Some of the animal found here include: cheetah, elephant, monkeys, hyena, rare Sokoke cat, baboons and buffalo. There are also birds such as parrots, guinea fowl, ostrich etc.

  A VISIT TO Nairobi Animal orphanage should be your number one thing to do once you land in Nairobi. Just few minutes and you are there!

Nairobi Safari Walk

Nairobi safari walk showcases what you expect at Kenyan national parks and reserves. Here, you will see all animals and birds found in Kenya.

It is located just outside the entry to the Nairobi national park.

Having a raised boardwalk, you will be able to see all the animals from big five to a big range of birds.

Nairobi safari walk consists of three ecosystems. The wetland which harbors pygmy hippos is covered by lilies ant papyrus.

  The savannah grassland is the grazing ground for albino zebra, buffalo, antelope, rare bongo and other herbivorous found here.

The forestry, which is the largest, is the home for primates such as monkeys and baboons. Here you will find indigenous trees which are clearly labeled for easy identification. Africans use some of these trees for medicinal value.

Nairobi national park is the most accessible park since it is based at the city center. A visit to Nairobi national park is a wonderful experience. However, combining it with the Nairobi safari, you will discover more about the city.

Nairobi national park tour 

Nairobi national park tour can be comfortably done within a day. being close to the city, Nairobi national park can start in the early morning game drive.

later in the day, you can opt to do a Nairobi safari/excursion by visiting some other attractive places such as giraffe center, dahpne shedrick and many more.

There are other tourist attraction places like Lake Naivasha and Ol Pejeta conservancy in nanyuki which can be achieved by a one day safari tour trip.