Ol Pejeta conservancy

Ol pejeta conservancy is one of its own kind. It doesn’t have an equal in Africa if not the entire earth. Here, you will find the largest white rhino sanctuary. Did you know there are only two northern white rhinos in the entire world? And of course, they’re found at ol pejeta conservancy! This doubles your reasons as to why you should visit the Ol Pejeta during your safari tour in Kenya.

The endangered species at boma, is a must see for any trip to ol pejeta conservancy. Here, visitors can meet and learn about the northern white rhino which are critically endangered with only two left in the world. You can gift yourself by coming up close to these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

The boma also has six southern white rhino, Grey’s and Jackson’s zebra. A sight of chimpanzees should not be a surprise to you. This is their home as well. These creatures whose antics are on top notch, are brought here for rehabilitation after being rescued from the wild. In fact, this is the only place you will find chimpanzees in Kenya. Otherwise, they’re mostly found at the central Africa and Rwanda.

You can as well take a game drive to see other animals in this conservancy. The zebra, giraffe, buffalo, antelope, dik-dik, impala and gazelles are present. Large predators like the lion and hyenas are also found at this conservancy

Things to do in Nanyuki

Ngare Ndare forest.

Ngare ndare forest is the oldest indigenous forests in Kenya’s Nanyuki area.

It is characterized by trees with large canopies giving it the natural grandeur. It’s natural beauty by itself that you can easily walk over 2021 steps without breaking a sweat. If nature trails during the sunsets, this is your place of choice.

There are other outdoor activities such as zip lining, suspension bridge and many more. The management has camping facilities hence you can have bush dinner around open fire. This is where African memories are created.

Mt Kenya conservancy.

Mt Kenya conservancy rescues the young ones of the wild animals and rehabilitates them before they release them back into the wild. Mt Kenya conservancy is one of the largest conservancies in east Africa hence you will have opportunity to learn and see a lot of animals.

A visit to mt Kenya conservancy should be on your top priorities list of things to do in Nanyuki. Here, you will have an opportunity to see the ostriches roaming freely in their natural habitat.

Mt Kenya national park.

Mt Kenya national park is found along Mount Kenya, Africa’s second largest mountain. It is on the leeward side of the mountain hence it is rich in wildlife. It is rich in indigenous trees some of which have the medicinal value to the locals.

Some of the animals found here include leopards, cheetah, zebra buffalo and wildebeests. To the west is the vast plains of Laikipia plateau where lions, elephant and rare gravy’s zebra are concentrated.

 Mountain climbing.

Climbing Africa’s second largest mountain is such an exciting experience. Though it leaves you with satisfaction, sense of achievement and fatigue in equal measures. The trekking exercise is strenuous and tiring but it is worth it.

The journey takes four to five days to get to the peak. There are huts along the way for accommodation as you proceed with the trekking journey,

There are three entry points; Chogoria, Meru and Nanyuki side. Whichever the point of entry, the scenic view of plains and ice glaciers will be the recipe for your enjoyment.


Most of Kenya’s freedom fighters came from the Mount Kenya region. Visiting this place, you will have an opportunity to learn about the tactics and tools they used to see the Britain’s out of Kenya.

  They lived in the caves as hiding places. This place is rich in history that you can’t afford to miss it out

Equator market.

Anyone visiting Nanyuki, a visit at the equator market is in the number one bucket list;so should you make it a priority.

In your geography class you learnt about the equator line and its characteristics. Along that line, both seasons are experienced. Summer, winter, spring and autumn. Visiting Nanyuki will give you an opportunity to feel the equator and even touch it!

At the market you will also have an opportunity to shop for agricultural products. Avocado, bananas both raw and ripe, arrow roots yams, cassava and sweet potatoes. They’re in plenty and very nutritious! Aren’t these good things to do while in Nanyuki?

Ol Pejeta Safari.

Discover this haven of wildlife and experience the best out of nature. For the best out of Ol Pejeta, a combined safari to Aberdares national park and Mount Kenya. The experience is so rewarding.


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