Places to visit in Nairobi

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Nairobi is one of the busiest cities in the region. It is the central business administration in east Africa. Equally, it has the best places to visit to quench your exploration thirst.

Having an airport within makes it busier since major flights land here. Hence, many people connecting flights have to pass through Nairobi as they proceed for their journey.

Nairobi city is equally rich in tourist attraction sites. Did you know that it is in Nairobi where you find a national wildlife park within the city? Only 5 km away from the central business district.

Not only it has a national park,  but also has other facilities such as the animal orphanage, giraffe center, daphne Shedrick, and many more where you can make out your day. This makes Nairobi a priority on your  bucket list

Through our organized Nairobi safari tour, you will be able to see all these as much as your time allows.

Places to visit in Nairobi

There are so many best places to visit while on your Nairobi safari that can quench your exploration thirst. Here is a complete list of all the Nairobi attractions.

Nairobi national park.

Panoramic view of a lonely lion at the Nairobi national park

Nairobi national park is the closest wildlife park to the city in the entire world. Located only five kilometers away, this park is full of wildlife. So many of them!

In fact, the animals here can be spotted from the rooftops of Nairobi’s skyscrapers. By the naked eyes! or from the airplanes landing at the Wilson airport.

Nairobi national park together with the Lake Nakuru game park is the biggest rhino sanctuary in the region. Visiting here, you are guaranteed of seeing a rhino in its natural habitat. Roaming freely within the park.

Among other animals found in the park include buffalo, giraffe, zebra, antelope, gazelle, and wildebeest. Don’t be surprised to see the big predators hunting. The lion, cheetah, hyena, and leopards are also available.

Down at the man-made lakes, the hippos and crocodiles are there in large numbers. Over 400 hundred bird species have been recorded here. The northern migrants are also found here. Should you visit between March and April, you will find so many of them.

Just outside the park, there is a safari walk. This is the complete showcase of Kenya’s national parks and reserves.

With its raised boardwalk, you will be able to see the big 5, reptiles, and aquatics.  Animals like elephants, buffalo, giraffes, lions, cheetahs,s and rhinos are found here roaming freely.

Animal orphanage.

Nairobi animal orphanage is the home of the wild. This is the rehabilitation center for wounded and abandoned animals. Among the things to do in Nairobi, this should be on your priority list.

The animals here are taken care of, fed, and treated before they’re taken back to the wild. You will find animals such as cheetahs, baboons, elephants,s, and monkeys.

A good number of birds are also found here. The guinea fowls, parrots, and many more.

Did I tell you that in this place you will learn a lot about these animals and discover facts you’ve never heard of before? This is among the few places you pay to enter, but come out rich.

Daphne Shedrick elephant trust.


In Kenya, Tsavo EastTsavo West, and the Amboseli are the major homes for Elephants. However, other parks have elephants which after giving birth, abandon their babies in the wild.

This is the rehabilitation center for baby elephants who have been abandoned in the wild by their mothers on delivery.

This facility which is located less than 10 km from the city center, is the epitome of humanity. The baby elephants and rhinos are well taken care of.

Discover many other facts about the elephants and rhinos as you gift yourself by seeing these noble creatures forage and playing in muddy water. In fact, you can freely feed these creatures using elephant bottles. They are so friendly. This is the rare place to have fun in Nairobi

Giraffe center

Giraffe Centre
People feeding giraffes at the giraffe center, Nairobi


Did you know the giraffe is the tallest animal on earth? Now you know.

Giraffe center is a non-profit organization whose main objective is to give conservation education to Kenyan children and the youth.

At the giraffe center,  the endangered species of Rothschild giraffe is kept, brought up before they’re taken to the wild. Here, you will come up close with these lovable creatures.

You will freely interact with them, feeding them and, you can have a giraffe kiss! The things you can do here are so many. Among the fun places in Nairobi, Giraffe center tops the list

The giraffe center is located a few kilometers from the city hence you can visit within the minimum time possible.

 Karen Blixen museum.

Ever watched the out of Africa movie? Well, visit the Karen Blixen museum and get facts about the author. It was made here.

You will discover the tools she used at her coffee farm, the workers, and her favorite painter. All her household items are still intact in this house together with her separate kitchen from the main house.

Visiting this place will bring you to the reality of the out of Africa movie.

Kazuri beads.

Kazuri is a Swahili word that means, small but beautiful. A deserved name for the beads found at Kazuri beads.

Located near the Karen Blixen, Kazuri beads is a small organization whose main agenda is to provide employment for the Kenyan single mother. Up to date, over three women work here.

Each bead here is unique. They’re are handcrafted and painted separately hence you will never find a bead looking alike. This makes Kazuri jewelry one-of-a-kind creations from the craftmanship of Kenyan mothers.

During your tour, you will see how these beads are made. Crafted, painted ant strung together for beautiful necklaces, earrings, and bangles.

You can even shop for your own unique and intricate piece of art. What else can you remember Kenya for if not this beautiful jewelry?

Bomas of Kenya.

If you are culturally enthusiastic, this should be your place. in fact, you should prioritize it at your places to visit in Nairobi list.

Located at Langata 7 kilometers from the city center, the bomas of Kenya is the cultural center for Kenyan tribes. Visiting here, you will learn a lot about the Kenyan tribe.

In this facility, there are 42huts (boma) which represent the 42 Kenyan tribes. Visiting here you will learn how people lived in their homestead with their wives since people were polygamous by nature.

You will learn how they related to each other and other cultural practices like rites of passage and many more.

The site is also the home of one of the largest auditoriums in Africa. It holds more than 3500 people to watch the internationally recognized Harambee singers.

Entering this auditorium, you will be gifted with flawless African moves from the African dancers whose work here is to entertain you! You will also learn the true African culture of the Kenyan people. The place is nothing but total fun.

Nairobi national museum.

Nairobi museum is Kenya’s history, culture, nature, and contemporary art in its splendor. Its snake park and botanical gardens offer a day tour of its own kind. It is located 1 km from Westlands Nairobi.

The museum by itself is rich. It carries out heritage from the Kenyan people, research with good expertise on paleontology, ethnography, and biodiversity. The history of the first mine kind, his remains, and other remains of the extinct animals are found here.

The snake park has so many snakes. The most venomous, black mamba, to the least venomous. The cobra. The largest snake in East Africa is also found here at the Nairobi national park. Alive! Don’t be surprised to see the smallest snake as well. But very fierce when attacking the prey.

A visit to the Nairobi museum is not only lots of fun but also will expose you to our culture as Africans.

 Nairobi city walk.



The Nairobi city walk also comes with its equal share of surprises. The city being the busiest in Africa, you can take a walking safari and you will enjoy every bit of it.

A visit to Uhuru park will rejuvenate your body. In fact, you can take a boat safari and enjoy the cool breeze of the area.

You can as well visit the national archives that are located at the heart of the city and learn about our fallen heroes. It is inside here where you will learn the history of our freedom fighters and other major events which all make up Kenyan history.

Nairobi is rich in skyscrapers. Get to the rooftop and have this picturesque event. Look at the beauty of the form above. Did I tell you Nairobi city is the greenest city? Enjoy the beautiful scenery of skyscrapers decorated by trees along the street and the view of it will always walk with you forever.

We have large malls within the city. Do your shopping and get those Africa themed clothes and carry them along with you back to your country.

Kenyans we love to eat. Here, you will have an opportunity to taste Nyama Choma! Basically, This is roast meat. This delicacy prepared a Kenya way, can make lick your skin off your fingers. It is insanely sweet when accompanied by kachumbari (salads) and ugali! Of course, you will wash it all down your throat with our favorite beer. Tusker!

Nairobi city has many possibilities and getting bored here is not one. with its best places to visit, you have so many options during your safari. Generally, the Nairobi safari will let you discover Nairobi city.

Places close to Nairobi.

There are other places which are close to Nairobi which you should consider during your safari.

Lake Naivasha is one of the best places to visit in Nairobi. with only 85 Kilometres from the city, explore this iconic lake and discover magical Kenya at its best through its beautiful landforms and picturesque scenery.

Nanyuki region follows suit. Based at Mt Kenya, Nanyuki is a beautiful small town in Kenya but the tourist attractions in the area are many. Discover the only two northern rhinos, the chimpanzees, and even climb the mountain. Here, there is a lot to do.


Explore this magical city any day and reward yourself with the beauty therein. Our packages are flexible, and we can adjust as per your schedule. Join us today for this safari.