tsavo west national park

Tsavo west national park is ancient but full of surprises. Everything is extreme and strikingly beautiful. The contours, the deep contrast of desert coloration, the sky above and at the horizons, the springs and the wildlife, constitutes recipe for the unforgettable memories.

The park comprises of Savannah grassland, the ancient baobab tress, the lush oases which are sufficiently served by the underground springs.

Africa’s big five are also found here. On your game drives, you can see them foraging on the bushy shrubs and the savannah to sustain themselves as they’ve been doing before. The famous but rare tsavo lions are all over the park. The red-dust elephants are unique in this park. Did I tell you that the tsavo holds the largest number of elephants in Kenya?

Spotting giraffe feeding themselves should not be of surprise either, this is their home. The buffaloes, zebra, laser kudu, leopard as well as the rhinos, live here. In fact, the Ngulia sanctuary hold the largest number of rhinos here because they’re highly endangered hence protecting them from poachers.

Small animals like bushbaby, dik-dik, gerenuk, and impala also live here. But to see them, you need an experienced guide. That’s where Patrick, our experienced guide’s skills comes in handy.

Acacia forest is the perfect habitat for monkeys. The yellow baboon and vervet monkeys await to entertain you with their unending antics. These creatures are damn funny!

Arid grassland lead you to Mzima springs at chyulu hills. You can drive to the poacher’s lookout for a clear vista of the park’s vegetation and the view of Mount Kilimanjaro at a distance.

As I told you earlier, the surprises are many in this park. These brings upon unforgettable memories. Which another park will you get all these anyway? For the mountain climbers, this is where your skill comes in handy. Scale Kichwa Tembo, the Tsavo chimney, the ivory tower on elephant rock and be rewarded by the vistas of savannah below.

For the amazing wildlife and well contoured landscape, Tsavo west has few equals.

Main tourist attraction

Shetani lava flow.

 Shetani is a Swahili word which means devil. When lava was flowing, some years ago, the locals believed it was the work of the devil, hence the word shetani lava flow.

Visiting the place will help you learn about volcanic flow.

Bird watching.

Over 600 bird species have been recorded here. The park is the favorite for the migratory bird such as African skimmers, goshawks and palm nut vultures. Other species like ostriches, buzzards, kingfishers, hornbills and herons crowds here.

Roaring rocks.

These are rocks named due to their persistence whistling of the wind and the constant buzz of the nearby cicadas.

  This rock is an easy to climb and a wonderful place to watch eagles cruising over the sky, punctuating the whistling winds with their go away sounds.

Mzima springs.

Mzima is a Swahili word meaning healthy. Mzima springs gives life to the animals in the park due to its large volumes of water which never get dry. Animals gather here for lush greenery and watering for their own sustenance. The elephants, crocodiles, hippos, zebra and other wildlife gather here to quench their thirst.

There is nature trail and underwater platform which gives a clear viewing. The presence of Birds is also eminent here.

Lake Jipe.

Jipe is a Swahili name which translates to gift yourself. Lake Jipe gives an extended life for the birds and other wildlife. At lake Jipe, you can take a boat riding safari and explore the lake banks, birdlife and the wetlands teeming with wildlife.

Tsavo west Safari

The park is beautiful in its variety of land forms. Walk through lush oasis, take a boat riding safari, climb a volcanic, marvel through the variety of wildlife in this expansive park; there is a lot to do at Tsavo west national park.

Join us on a guided safari tour to this stunning park for as long as your time allows. We have safari packages departing from Nairobi to Tsavo west national park. For a maximum experience, combination of Tsavo east national park and Amboseli national park will do magic. it is total bliss!