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Westlands Nairobi

Wesltands Nairobi is one of the lively and yet a beautiful environment within Nairobi. Only 3 kilometres from the city center, Westlands is a business and entertainment joint mostly for the expatriate community and the rich.

This posh area is very vibrant. large shopping malls, big hotels, restaurants and offices. The technology tend to have shifted to westlands Nairobi. But you wonder, what is so unique about westlands that makes it so busy?

Well, in this post, am going to articulate all the facts about westlands Nairobi and all that you need to know about the area.

Facts about westlands Nairobi


Westlands was originally the settlement district during the colonial period. Till today, Westland is mostly inhabited by the Kenyan of Asian dialect.

Early  1990s till 2000, land and office spaces were scarce at the city and offices we comparatively expensive. This led to the growth of Westland.

Today, it is called Westie by the Kenyan youth and it is mostly occupied by the Kenya’s expatriate community.

Bordering westlands is the Parklands, Muthaiga, Kitisusu, Spring Valley. All these Neighborhood, makes westlands one of the most expensive place to live in Kenya.

Getting There.

There are several means of getting to westlands depending where you are. If you are in Nairobi city center, you can take a public transport from Latema road. Alternatively, you can take a taxi which should not cost more than 700 shillings.

If you just arrived at the Jomo Kenyatta international airport, you can book with us airport taxi and our driver will get you there. Depending with the traffic, you should be there after 30-45 minutes.


Business in westlands is robust, vibrant and lively. This is attributed to many factors among which are: Big malls like sarit center, westgate mall and many more. These malls in westlands creates perfct platform for shops selling clothes, shoes, cosmetics and any other stuff that you may need.

In fact, you can find any commodity or service within westlands Nairobi. The stretch to parklands area you will get anything from the Asian origin. Flowers, jewelry, cosmetics… everything!

The westlands malls accommodates all kinds of business. There are offices and big supermarkets in those mall. The economy here operates around the clock. 


Westlands hosts major international humanitarian and high commision offices. The UN, US Aid and UNCHR Offices are within westlands Nairobi locality.

High commission offices found within this area include:

  • Embassy of Sweden to Kenya
  • Embassy of Norway to Kenya
  • High commission of Botswana to Kenya.
  • High commission of Uganda to Kenya


There are also many business offices as within westlands.  The storey buildings offers fully furnished offices with ample parking at the basement. Westlands being the expatriate area, many offices here are tech offices, engineering and hospitality. However, there is no rule on the kind of office you an set up.


The hospitality industry in westlands Nairobi has an equal share of vibrancy. There are so many accommodation facilities which ranges from five star hotels to the cheap hotels. There are also furnished apartments that are equally very comfortable.

Among the hotels in westlands include: Kempiski, Pride inn, park inn by radison, ibiss styles, Azure Sankara hotel, King fisher casa and many more.

Depending on your budget, you will get any type of accommodation. The hotels are many and are easily accessible.


There is quite a number o hospitals and clinics in westlands. Major hospitals are Mp-sha and Aga khan. There are many specialized clinics like dentistry, spine treatment, limbs and many more. There are so many chemists as well and are always open 24/7.  You will always get medical attention here.

Tourism Activities.

Nairobi national parkIf you opt to stay within westlands Nairobi and feel that you need to explore the city, there are so many places you can visit.

Through a guided Nairobi safari, you can visit the National museum on 2 km away, you can also decide to do city walk or alternatively visit Nairobi national park and have a perfect experience with the wild animals.

To the south you can visit the giraffe center and come up close with the giraffe, see baby elephants at Daphne shedrick or get to Karen Blixen and get full story of out of Africa star.  All these places are within 15 KM radius so you don’t need a lot of time to explore.

Westlands Night Life.

westlands night lifeAfter a long day running  errands here and there, you need a cool place with nice music where you can rejuvenate as wash your throat with your favorite drink. Westlands is never short of that.

There are classy yet affordable clubs in Westlands. The kind of music ranges from club to club but you will definitely get your. Kenyan women are very beautiful and entertaining! They are always present partying like there is no tomorrow. The fun in these clubs is beyond imagination.

Generally, westlands night life has many things but boredom isn’t one.

Westlands posh residence.

westlands resdentialWestland has the best neighborhood in the entire Nairobi. The apartments are fully serviced, well manicured lawns and the enviroment is serene.

This makes it one of the most expensive places to live here in Kenya. Among other residencial places include gigiri, Kitisuru, General Mathenge, spring valley, and mutaiga.


Generally, all you may need in Nairobi can be found in Westlands alone. You don’t need to go any other place to receive vital services. Westlands Nairobi is a city of its own.

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