Amboseli national park

Amboseli national park is the home for African elephant. Visiting this park, youre guaranteed of seeing herds of elephants in their natural habitat. This makes Amboseli national park the second popular in Kenya. Masai Mara is the most popular.

They carry their long tusks in pride as they stroll to the watering areas and gather there. Delighting those who visit to see these massive creatures.

Amboseli is found at the foot of mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s largest mountain. To the west of Tsavo east national park  When the clouds burn of, you will be fed with the clear vision of the mountain’s snowy peak.

Even though Amboseli is predominantly occupied by the elephants, other animals like the gazelle, giraffe, zebra and buffalo are also found in the park. During the game drives, they can be seen along the horizon roaming around the park.

Amboseli national park animals

Elephants are the most prominent constituent of Amboseli national park  animals. However, there are other animals such as:  Large predators like lion, cheetah jackal and hyenas. Bird life is also eminent at the park’s lakes. Cranes, ostriches, pelicans and cranes are in plenty.

Facts About Amboseli


Amboseli is located at the foot of mt Kilimanjaro at the border of Kenya and Tanzania. It is relatively close to the Kenyan coast hence a perfect gateway to coastal beaches. From Nairobi, it is approximately 300 kilometres.

Time to visit.

Amboseli is open all the year round hence can be visited any time. However, the best time to visit is during June and November when there is no a lot of rainfall hence easy accessibility.


 The climate at Amboseli is generally dry except during the rainy season. The general day time temperature is around 28 degrees.

Getting there.

You can book a safari with Denki Travel and we shall get you there for game drives. We have assorted safari packages you can choose from or give us your schedule and customize one which can suit you.You can as well take a plane from Wilson airport and it shall get you there.

Best Things To Do

There are so many possibilities at the Amboseli park which include but not limited to:


This where you will find a large concentration of elephants. Watching these wonderful creatures at the swamp rolling and splashing mud to each other, will give you an everlasting experience.

Observation hill.

This the place where you can come out of your car and walk. At the summit, you can take a look at the mountain peak of mt Kilimanjaro to the south.

  It is at this point where you will have a clear view of the entire Amboseli park. You’ll also be able to look at the swampy plains to the east.

Sinet delta

Not far from the observation hill. Sinet delta gives a wonderful experience of birdwatching. Cranes, pelicans, cormorants and eagles are here large numbers.

 As you turn to the south, look out for giraffes foraging treetops in the thick bushes. The views for Mount Kilimanjaro are also nice.

The Masai people.

 A visit to Africa is crowned by having some time to interact with the Masais. The Masais are very unique in so many ways. They’re the only people who have conserved their true African culture right from their lifestyle to meals and rites of passage. Once you visit the Amboseli, pass by their villages and you won’t forget Africa.

Amboseli national park safari

Explore the Amboseli national park trough our guided safari and discover the elephants in their natural habitat. Amboseli being to the Eastern part, you can tour both the Tsavo East national park and Tsavo west national park in a combined safari. The experience is priceless.