Tsavo east national park

Tsavo east national park

Tsavo east national park is the largest preserved national park in Kenya. It is also the oldest for that matter. It is covered by grasslands and savannahs.

Large herds of elephants are all over rolling on red-dust soil and gathering at main watering points to quench thirst and cool their bodies. The image of these creatures splashing each other with water is of delight never to forget.

The foliage is scarce hence spotting wildlife is easy. Tsavo east national park is the largest in East Africa and home to the big five. Buffalo, elephants, rhinos, and lions are all over. In fact, it is at the Tsavo you will come across male lions that lack mane. your normal game drives, you will come along gerenuk, impala, and Masai giraffe. A good number of birds have been recorded here; Over 500 species. The black kite, lovebird, and sacred ibis await you.

The Tsavo is rich in exploration. You can traverse 300 kilometers of the Yatta plateau which makes the World’s largest lava flow.

The galena river also comes in handy for your recipe for sightseeing. It perfectly creates a good contrast of lush line greenery that cuts at the middle of the dusty park. You’ll find pods of hippos, crocodiles, and waterbucks foraging.

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