Tsavo west national park

Tsavo west national park

Tsavo west national park overview

Tsavo west national park is ancient but full of surprises. Everything is extreme and strikingly beautiful. The contours, the deep contrast of desert coloration, the sky above and at the horizons, the springs, and the wildlife, constitute recipes for unforgettable memories.

The park comprises Savannah grassland, the ancient baobab trees, and the lush oases which are sufficiently served by the underground springs.

The big five is also found here. On your game drives, you can see them foraging on the bushy shrubs and the savannah to sustain themselves as they’ve been doing before. The famous but rare Tsavo lions are all over the park. The red-dust elephants are unique in this park. Did I tell you that the Tsavo holds the largest number of elephants in Kenya?

The giraffe feeding themselves should not be of surprise to you, this is their home. The buffalos, zebra, laser kudu, leopards as well as rhinos, live here. In fact, the Ngulia sanctuary holds the largest number of rhinos here because they’re highly endangered hence protecting them from poachers.

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