Nairobi airport

You are planning to visit Kenya either for business, as a tourist, or just for a visit? Nairobi airport will definitely be your entry point. Jomo Kenyatta international airport is the biggest in East Africa handling over 11m passengers per year. Kenya airport authority being the management, NBO airport is the best in East and Central Africa in service delivery to passengers. The airport has all types of facilities such as lounges, banks, ATM machines, forex exchange booths, min-marts, taxi services, ground handling services, Hotels, coffee shops, and all other facilities you may need on your arrival.

Nairobi airport has various terminals designated for various functions within the airport. This is to ensure that traffic flow for departures and arrivals is good. The following are the Jomo Kenyatta international airport:

Nairobi Airport Terminals

Terminal 1A is responsible for the departures and arrivals of selected flights. All Kenya Airways international flights, KLM, and Air France Ethiopian airlines are handled at terminal 1A both arrivals and departures.

Terminal 1B Terminal 1B is a departure terminal and handles flights such as Lufthansa. It has been upgraded to modern standards and hence will handle more flights.

Terminal 1C Emirates, Qatar Airways, Rwanda air, and other flights depart from this terminal. This terminal has been upgraded so we are expecting new alignments.

Terminal 1D (Domestic arrivals and departures). Kenya Airways local flights and Jambo Jet operate from this terminal. It only handles local flights only to other airports such as Mombasa international airport, Eldoret, Kisumu, Malindi, and Ugunja.

Terminal 1E. This handles international flights other than those departing at Terminal 1A.

Terminal 2. This is separate from the rest and is located at the far end. It handles local flights (Fly 540) and international flights leaving for Mogadishu.

JKIA Airport Departures

The NBO airport is a busy airport and it has many flights departing every time to different destinations in the world. Due to many flights and a lot of terminals, it is good to get all departure information from your airline so that you are sure which terminal you will be departing from. You can also track your departure flights so that you are sure about the time. If you have difficulty checking in during your departures, we can gladly offer assistance so that you avoid the hustle of long queues at the airport.

Nairobi Airport Lounges

Jomo Kenyatta airport has different lounges that passengers use. There are both regular lounges, VIP and VVIP lounges. All these are accessible depending on the class of your ticket. We offer priority meet and assist at NBO airport for our clients who want fast-track services to avoid long queues be it on arrival, departure, or connecting.

Nairobi airport location.

Nairobi airport is located 17 kilometers from the city center, 20 kilometers from Westlands, and 18 kilometers from Wilson airport. JKIA is strategically located for easy movement to the city. The opening of the Nairobi expressway makes transport to the CBD and other areas much faster due to less traffic. These factors make JKIA airport convenient for those connecting flights who want to explore the city to kill the bored as they wait for their next flight.

Nairobi airport Services.

There are several services offered at JKIA. Services such as airport transfers are always readily available. If you want to buy sim cards, you will always get them from various service providers such as Safaricom shop outside terminal 1A arrivals, Airtel, or Telecom.

Taxi services are also available but it is always important to book your taxi in advance for your own safety and convenience to avoid the last-minute rush. Generally, airport transportation services are available be it private taxis, or public transport.

Almost all major banks have branches at the NBO airport. If you need money services such as ATMs, withdrawing or depositing money at the airport, you can freely do so. Even forex exchange shops are also available.

There are wheelchair services. You will need to request and you will get one. This makes your mobility much easy.

There are restaurants at the airport where you can enjoy your coffee or cold tusker as you wait for your flight. The restaurants also have wifi and charging ports where you can charge your phone or laptop as you sip your favorite beverage.

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