Nairobi airport

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Nairobi airport

Jomo Kenyatta international Nairobi airport is the busiest in the east and central Africa. It is the central point for connecting flights to other international countries. It serves all classes of people; tourists, business travelers, families, holidaymakers, solo travelers, and anyone who is seeking adventure.

It has a lot to offer in terms of flights, facilities and other things in the travel industry. it is a business community of its own.

Nairobi, NBO airport is controlled by the Kenya airports authority hence government-owned. Many people have used it, many are planning to and many more are coming through the same  Nairobi airport. Before you begin your journey, there are so many things you need to know about a particular place you are going to; for instance, Jomo Kenyatta international Nairobi airport (NBO) proceed on to get to know more about this airport.

Nairobi airport location

Nairobi airport, JKIA is located to the east of Nairobi city center, 18 kilometers along Nairobi-Mombasa road.

It is in the Embakasi district, Nairobi county, Kenya. The exact NBO airport map with all terminals correctly indicated, can be found on the Kenya airports authority website.

Nairobi Airport Security.

Security is the biggest concern when visiting any country or any place anywhere in this world. Many people ask me, is Nairobi airport safe? Well, to answer this question, I would take youth rough different scenarios.

One. If you happen to forget your luggage at the airport you departed from, you will be required to fill the claim form by the airline you traveled with and wait for your luggage at your hotel or your place of residence as indicated on the form. There is no loss of luggage at the airport.

Two. What If you have misplaced something within the airport? well, there are security officers placed all over the place, you can reach out to them and they will help you out recover your luggage.

Three. How about you accidentally dropped your wallet or a phone without your notice the later you discovered you don’t have it? People working at the Nairobi airport are trained. Whoever will find it, will drop it at the security office and you’ll get them thereupon reporting at the building garage ground floor.  However, if that didn’t happen, the officers will check with the CCTV cameras and they will recover your valuables from whoever might have picked them.

Four. You may as well have taken a random taxi driver at the arrivals terminal and you forgot your belongings inside the car, you can always come back to JKIA and report to the security office. They will locate the person and maybe you can get your stuff back. However, we don’t recommend this kind of arrangement because the chances of losing your valuables are high since the person may not be working at the airport. We, therefore, recommend that you book your Nairobi airport transfers with Denki travel which ensures your safety.

From all the scenarios above, the question at the beginning has been answered. Nairobi airport is the safest place in the entire country due to the professionalism of the security personnel and the systems put in place.

Nairobi airport terminals

Terminal 1A.

This is the busiest terminal and it serves as the arrival and departure terminal We, therefore, recommend meet and greet services to beat the long queues during clearance with the customs, immigration, and baggage collection. This is the departure terminal for

Kenya Airways international flights

KLM, Air France, Royal Air Maroc, Jambo jet Entebbe

Terminal 1A also serves as the arrival terminal for airlines such as

Kenya Airways international flights

KLM, Air France, Ethiopian, Rwanda Air, Air Arabia, Uganda airways

Terminal 1B

This is the departure terminal for airlines such as

Ethiopian Airlines, Emirates, Air India, Royal Maroc, Lufthansa

Terminal 1C

Terminal 1C is the departure terminal.  This is the check-in for:

South African airlines, Etihad, Turkish, Saudi, Oman air, Egypt air

Terminal 1D

Terminal 1D, domestic terminal is the arrival and departure terminal for the local flights such as

Kenya airways local flights


Terminal 1E

Terminal 1E is an international arrival. It serves flights such as

Emirates, Qatar, SA (night flights), British Airways, Air India, Lufthansa, Oman air, air swiss, Etihad, Air Arabia

Terminal 2.

Terminal 2 is the arrival and departure for both domestic and international flights. It serves

Fly 540, Juba airways, Un airlines, Air Mogadishu, Daallo airlines

There is the construction of terminals 1b and 1c at the Nairobi airport currently so before you leave to check-in, inquire with your airline on the right gates.

Nairobi Airport Lounges

There are many lounges at the Nairobi airport. Almost every airline that operates has its lounge for its clients. There are also other privately owned lounges that facilitate the airport lounge services.

All the airport lounges have complimentary WiFi, TV screens, and drinks. As you wait for your departure time, you can walk in to meditate about your travel.

Nairobi Airport Facilities

Jomo Kenyatta international airport has all the facilities to help travelers carry on their business conveniently. here is the list.


We have banks such as Barclays bank which is at terminal 1A international arrival, post bank inside terminal 1A, equity bank, standard chartered bank, cooperative bank, and many more.

Bureau Exchanges And Money Transfers

Their bureau exchange to help you exchange any type of currency or vise versa. The money exchange shops are located at terminals 1A, 1B, 1C, and terminal 2. Mpesa shops(local money transfer services) are also in plenty. International money transfer services such as Money Gram and other transactional services.

Mobile Service Providers.

If you need a local sim card, we have different service providers right outside terminal 1A, the international arrivals terminal. There is Safaricom, airtel, and telecom. Among the three, Safaricom, though expensive, gives the best service. its internet coverage is wide and strong than the duo.


Restaurants are also in plenty. There is a Java restaurant at terminal 1B, a pub at terminal 1C, and a Jambo restaurant at the domestic terminal.

Costa café’ is located at terminal 1E while Paul café is next to the building garage. At terminal 2, there is also Java.

All these restaurants have free Wi-Fi hence you can walk in and enjoy the internet as you wait for your departure time or your connecting flight.

For those using the Arusha shuttle bus, we advise them to wait at Paul’s café. This is the central place because the bus picks people from terminal 1E before proceeding to Tanzania.

Nairobi airport is not short of shops either. There are different shops where you can buy basic stuff like sanitary pads, soft drinks, airtime, toothbrush, toothpaste, and any other you may need.


Every terminal has washrooms both for ladies and gents. The toilets are well cleaned and served with toiletries to ensure cleanliness.  There are also toilets for special people and all accessible using wheelchairs.

Nairobi Airport Transport

Transportation is the factor you should think of when visiting a country. The safety, efficiency, and reliability all work together to ensure ease of mobility with a relaxed mind.

At Nairobi airport, there are various modes of transport such as Private taxis, inter-terminal shuttles, and public transport.

Nairobi Airport Taxi.

This is the safest and most reliable mode of transport to take you out of the airport. However, there are many people at the arrival terminals masquerading as airport taxi drivers yet most of them are not.

Right outside at the arrivals, you will find them shouting, taxi, taxi…. ignore them in totality. Just tell them ‘I have a driver’, they won’t bother you again.

For efficient and safe Nairobi airport transfers, book with Denki travel or any other official Nairobi airport travel agency, and your journey will be smooth.

Once you book with us, our representative will wait for you at the arrival terminal with a placard pager board written in your name. you will identify with him/her and will take you to the awaiting car. There are no hustles, no delays and safety are at per.

Inter-Terminal Shuttle.

This is very convenient for those connecting flights or those ones who were dropped at the wrong terminal.

The inter-terminal shuttle bus, provided by the Kenya airports authority is absolutely free. It normally picks travelers from all terminals and takes them to their respective terminals.

It normally parks at the domestic arrival terminal and waits for travelers who may need to go to terminal two which is located at the far end of the Nairobi airport.

The other terminals are fairly close to each other hence you can comfortably walk. If, however, you have a lot of luggage, we recommend meet and greet service so that you get somebody to help move along till you check-in.

Public Transport.

This is the cheapest yet most expensive mode of transport from Nairobi airport. These are public buses commonly known as matatu locally. They are located at the parking side of airport taxis. It is quite a distance from the arrivals terminal. you’ll need to take a shuttle bus to drop where they park.

These ones will pick you from the airport but by the time you get to Nairobi city center, is two hours after. They stop at every pickup points along the road to pick other commuters. They also take the longest route so that they can get many customers. They drop you at the central place and you can’t customize your journey.

Imagine dropped at the city center, a rowdy place knowing where to head to…. It is hectic. Book your airport transfer prior to avoid inconveniences.

Nairobi Airport Hotels

Nairobi airport has got accommodation facilities as well! There are hotels located inside the airport good for those spending one night before proceeding on to the other flight.

Four Points by Sheraton and crown plaza and located inside the airport. These will give you all the services you need. They have a gym, swimming pools, and rooftop bars where you can enjoy your drinks. Did I mention that the Nairobi airport hotels have the best services with international cuisines?

Outside the airport, there are other hotels such as Hilton garden inn, 67 airport hotel, Eka hotel, Panari, and Oleserene. These ones are close to the airport; at most 10 km from Nairobi airport.

Getting to these hotels you will also need to book an airport transfer for convenient and reliable dropping and pick up to catch another flight the following day.

In conclusion, Jomo Kenyatta international  Nairobi airport is safe and flamboyant. it has everything that you need while on travel. If you are coming to Kenya for the first time, you are most welcome.  if you have been here, we welcome you once again. it is very rare that once someone has visited Kenya, he won’t come back. They always come back! Kenyans are very friendly and accommodating people.