places to visit in Kenya

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Kenya is a magical country with a lot of places good enough to visit during your vacation. We bost a country full of life coupled with fun. Welcome and experience Wildlife safari to various places in Kenya, 

Well, if you’ve ever imagined an African safari, a destination to meet and see wild animals up-close roaming freely in their natural habitat, Kenya is your preferred destination.

From the snow-capped second largest mountain in Africa, Mt Kenya, to sun-soaked grasslands Savannah of the rift valley. Filled with a myriad of animals in beautiful habitat surrounded by outstanding people. You will never run out of places to visit in Kenya.

In this post am going to the most popular places to visit in Kenya which you will ever remember for the rest of your life.

Best places to visit in Kenya.



Nairobi is the most vibrant and bustling city in entire east Africa. This legendary city has a lot to offer; hence one of the places to visit in Kenya.

With only 15 minutes from the city center, is the Nairobi national park. here, you got options. you can opt for a game drive whereby you will be able to see so many wild animals; giraffes, buffalo, hyena, cheetah, rhino, Zebra, and many more.

 Don’t be surprised to see a lion chasing an antelope for a meal. That is the usual wildlife that is always survival for the fittest.

Nairobi museum is also a perfect option. walk in and learn about the Kenyan people’s culture. their way of living and many exciting facts about Kenya.

Giraffe center is another place you want during your visit to Kenya. Meet these long-necked creatures, interact with them up-close and, don’t mind getting a giraffe kiss. Which other best way to have fun in Nairobi anyway?

Among other places to visit include David Sheldrick wildlife trust, Bomas of Kenya, Karen Blixen, Kazuri beads, Nairobi safari walk animal orphanage. Here, you have so many possibilities.

Nairobi is made up of so many things, but fun tops the list.

Maasai Mara National Reserve


Close-up wildebeest, National park of Kenya, Africa

Of all the animal reserves there are in Africa, Masai Mara is the most popular. so should you consider is in your places to visit in Kenya list. Here, you are guaranteed of seeing Africa’s big five animals; elephants, lions, cheetah, cape buffalo, and Rhino.

If you happen to visit during the months of June and September, don’t be surprised to see a throng of wildebeest migrating from Tanzania to Kenya in search of lush pasture.

Alternatively, you can take a hot air balloon safari and experience a dazzling flora and fauna in the park more so in the morning hours.

If you are a culturalist, you can have a cultural tour of the Maasai people. The only celebrated people who uphold authentic African culture.

Amboseli National park

Giraffe at Amboseli national park
Three giraffes at Amboseli national park

At the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s largest mountain, lies the Amboseli. A place you can interact freely with the elephants. Thousands of them are littered at the park. 

Among other animals found in Amboseli include lion, cheetah, and cape buffalo. Herbivorous such as the giraffe, zebra, gazelle antelope, and dik-dik are in plenty.

climb to the observation hill and enjoy the clear view of the whole park and its animals. At the evenings, enjoy the awe-inspiring sunsets as you watch over the mountain peak. A tranquil place worth visiting to rejuvenate your soul.

Lake Naivasha

Hippos in Lake Naivasha
Hippos in Lake Naivasha

This Freshwater lake and its surrounding is an epitome of beauty. There is a lot to do at Lake Naivasha.

A boat safari is a possible option, but a horseback safari beats all. Maneuver within the park on the back of the horse as you interact with animals up-close since it perfectly fits in the group of other animals.

Hell’s gate is just nearby. Experience a walking safari and walk against grazing wild animals. The ambiance is beyond measure more so during the evenings.

When all is done and ready to cement the whole trip, head to a geothermal hot spar and enjoy yourself with natural hot water from the ground.

Other places to visit within lake Naivasha include crater lake game sanctuary,  crescent island, and mount Longonot.

The Tsavo.

Tsavo elephant


Tsavo national park is the largest and oldest in Kenya. It is divided into two; Tsavo east and west.

Tsavo East is unique in its own ways. Here, you will find dust-red elephants different from those found in other parks. It also has a unique male species of lions; They don’t have a mane.

At Tsavo east you got so many options to quench your exploration thirsty. Take a game drive and marvel at a wide variety of wild animals roaming freely in the park.

Tsavo West on the other hand is a bit green. Elephants are also dominant here alongside other animals like gerenuk, zebra, giraffe, lion, rhino, and many more.

Down to the Mzima springs, experience a full life of Hippos, crocodiles, and a wide range of birdlife.

You can traverse through the Yatta plateau; the longest lava flows in the world. The tranquility of The Tsavo makes it one of the best places to visit in Kenya.

Ol pejeta conservancy.

White rhino
A pair of white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum) grazing in national park Lake Nakuru, Kenya

Ol Pejeta is one of the places you won’t miss visiting in Kenya. Northern white rhino, which is only two in the entire world are found here.

This is also the only place you will find chimpanzees in the entire country. Another good reason you should visit the place. 

Not only are these unique creatures, but there are also other animals such as lions, hyenas, zebra, and even the towering creatures; the giraffe, are in plenty.

The surrounding is equally beautiful and full of nature. Take a safari to nearby Mt Kenya national park and experience the beautiful wildlife. You can also exercise your mountain climbing skill by climbing the tallest mountain in Kenya. Mt Kenya.

If time allows, head to The Aberdares and experience a completely opposite environment of all national parks. Mountainous and dense moorland forest is the perfect habitat for elephants, black leopards, giraffes,s and other amazing creatures.

Of all the places you would like to visit in Kenya during your safari tour, Ol Pejeta in the central Kenya region should top your list.

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru flamongos
Pink Flamingoes – Lake Nakuru National Park in Kenya, Africa


Lake Nakuru is a bird lover’s paradise. you will find millions of pink flamingos here. in fact, over, 75% of the world’s flamingos are found here.

Having based at the rift valley you will be treated by picturesque landscapes, scenic features, and myriad wild animals.

on your game drives you will come along black rhinos; thousands of them, zebra, Masai giraffe, antelope, hyena, cheetah, and lots of herbivorous.

Generally, your safari to Kenya is going to be full of fun and adventure. Karibu Kenya.