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places to visit in Kenya

Places to visit in Kenya Your trip is due and you are all set to visit Kenya. But which are the best places to visit upon your arrival? Well, if you’ve ever imagined an African safari, a destination to meet and see wild animals up-close roaming freely in their natural habitat, Kenya is your preferred …

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safari packing list

Safari packing list What are you going to put in your Packing list during your preparations for a safari in Kenya? For a better experience and in avoidance of inconveniences, it is good to arrange your safari packing list accordingly.   In this post, am going to guide you through what you need during your …

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westlands nairobi

Westlands Nairobi Wesltands Nairobi is one of the lively and yet a beautiful environment within Nairobi. Only 3 kilometres from the city center, Westlands is a business and entertainment joint mostly for the expatriate community and the rich. This posh area is very vibrant. large shopping malls, big hotels, restaurants and offices. The technology tend …

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Nairobi safari

Nairobi safari and excursions Nairobi is one of the busiest cities in the region. It is the central business administration in east Africa.  With the Nairobi airport within, makes it busier since major flights lands here. Hence, many people connecting flights have to pass through Nairobi as they proceed for their journey. Nairobi city is …

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Nairobi airport

nairobi airport Jomo Kenyatta international Nairobi airport is the busiest in east and central Africa. It is the central point for connecting flights to other international countries. it serves both the tourists and the business travelers. It has a lot to offer in terms of flights, facilities and other things in the travel industry. it …

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